Governor’s Row House – Topeka Wedding/Reception Venue

Governor’s Row House located near downtown Topeka at 8th and Buchanan gets it’s claim to fame as being one of the old victorian homes of Topeka. At one time it was located next to the Kansas Governor’s Mansion before it was torn down. Luckily Gov. Row House was saved from the wrecking ball and made into a wedding/reception venue. The Gov. Row House is located next to the Topeka Ronald McDonald House which has also been completely renovated.

Governor’s Row house is perfect for small intimate weddings and receptions. It has a large ballroom/backroom and a nice sized parlor/front room. The connecting area which is set up usually for the bar/drinks area as well as the buffet and cake area are all located in between the two large rooms. The connecting area can get congested at times. There is a nice bridal dressing room upstairs and a couple of options for the men’s changing areas. One thing that a lot of couples appreciate is that you arrange for the caterer that you want at Gov. Row you are not limited in who you choose.

Here is a link to the Gov. Row website. They have more photos as well as a complete price list for renting the venue.

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