Just The Place – Ozawkie, KS – Rustic Barn

As of this writing (5/7/15) Just The Place is under construction. Just The Place is located in Ozawkie, Ks., an easy 20 minute drive north of Topeka. Just The Place is located about 6 blocks north and west from the Casey’s Grocery Store in Ozawkie. Jeff and Rena Kilgore are busy working on getting their authentic rustic barn location ready to go by July 4th, 2015.  Jeff and Rena have made large investments in the property getting it ready to open. The barn has a new poured concrete floor. Parking areas have been added. The house, used for both the bride getting ready and as a honeymoon suite has been extensively remodeled and updated.  On the property they have erected a metal wedding chapel frame that is very cute! Jeff and Rena are both fun and easy to talk with. If you are looking for a true Kansas barn to have your wedding and/or reception in you should give the Kilgore’s a call.

Website: http://www.weddingvenuetopeka.com/
Address: 401 Kiowa Dr, Ozawkie, KS 66070
Phone: (785)221-9824

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