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Powerhouse Dj’s have about five DJ setups that can be out on any given weekend. They are a very well established DJ company here in Topeka. They bring with them  a wide range of music along with backup equipment  “for just in case”. One of the things many couples overlook asking about  is the sound system that the DJ is going to provide. Not all DJ’s are equal in the equipment that they have! While a very simple setup may work just fine for a smaller venue an outdoor location or a large ballroom like at Capital Plaza or Ramada Inn Downtown is another matter. Powerhouse always brings some big serious woofers with them that you can feel! Powerhouse DJ’s are experienced in not only running the equipment but it has been our experience that they are able to keep the party going when it starts to slow down.

I’ve included one image of Mat Madison here with him setting up his equipment for a wedding ceremony here in the Flint Hills of Kansas. I was impressed that their sound system was clear and loud enough for all in attendance to hear but that they did it by running the system off of a power generator.
Here is a link to Powerhouse DJ’s website.


DJ Mat Madison

IMG_1378 IMG_1380 Matt

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