Ramada West – Topeka Wedding Venue

Ramada West here in Topeka offers a lot of benefits when considering a wedding / reception venue. It is easy to get to in Topeka, it has good parking for guests, it’s close to the Wanamaker shopping corridor without actually being on it and it has areas outside the ballroom that guests can go for a quieter conversation. Another nice thing about the Ramda West’s location is it’s proximity to Gage Park. If you are wanting an outdoor location for photos Gage Park offers some very nice locations. I personally like the separate back ballroom entrance. The back entrance is covered, in case of rain, it is close to the parking in back and everyone doesn’t have to go through the lobby of the hotel. Another advantage to the Ramada West is that since it only has one main ballroom the chances of having to share the hotels common areas with other events are decreased.

The event coordinator, Kathy Montgomery, has a lot of experience in event management which is a real plus. Kathy is helpful and will help you avoid missing details when planning your wedding / reception. As with all hotels, you will need to use their food and beverage service, but they offer a full line of choices. The Kansas Ballroom can hold up to 350 people.

Contact: Kathy Montgomery, Event Coordinator – 605 SW Fairlawn Rd. – (785) 272-8040 – Ramada West Website




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