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Sweet Dreams Catering is located about 6 miles north of Meriden, KS (near Topeka). Ginny (Virginia) Soppe has been catering to Topeka weddings and events for a number of years now. She doesn’t attend any of the bridal fair events anymore because as she says “word of mouth is how I do most of my advertising”. She has an impressive list of corporate clients that she prepares food for regularly in addition to weddings. Ginny operates out of a free standing commercial kitchen she built on her farm. She is regularly inspected and licensed by the Kansas Dept. of Agriculture. For client convenience Ginny regularly comes into Topeka to meet with clients but if you have the time you should visit her at her place in order to see what a nice operation she runs.

Ginny Soppe

Ginny’s wedding cakes are just good! She will be the first to tell you that if you want a wedding cake in the shape of something other than a wedding cake she may not be the right baker for you. Her specialty is butter cream wedding cakes in a variety of flavors. Her cakes are very reasonably priced and taste great! One of the things that she doesn’t advertise but can help with also are table decorations. In the photos you can see some of the table decorations she did for a 4th of July celebration.

Ginny states she can prepare anything from caviar to macaroni and cheese. She says that she started helping with the cooking with her family when she was 13. Ginny knows how to make “feel good food” really well. On her website she lists quite a complete list of food that she regularly prepares and the cost per person. One of the things that I really like that she fixes is her cheesy hashbrowns, they are really tasty!

If you are considering Sweet Dreams for your wedding caterer make sure you book her as far in advance as you can. She books up fast because her food is good and her prices are very reasonable.

Contact: Ginny Soppe 785-484-2597 (Office) 785-220-0316 (Cell) – Sweet Dreams Website

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